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SBR was designed from the start to minimize the environmental footprint and to maximize energy efficiency:

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SBR has numerous energy initiatives which cumulatively make the facilities one of the most energy efficient buildings in Singapore (according to BCA data):

Some key features:

– Total heat exchange system (heat generated from the cooling system is captured and used for the entire resort hot water production)

– Swimming pool used as a cooling tower for the chiller (the only system of the kind in asia)

– Longest rooftop garden in Singapore (provides significant energy saving as well)


SBR has put in place a range of water efficient processes and technologies. The combination of design, technology and managenent have made SBR one of the most water efficient facilities in Singapore (according to PUB data):

Some highlights:

– Spring water pool using a complex treatment system free of chemicals

– Integrated underground water based system


SBR has unique waste management programs in place to handle the general waste (recycling) as well as our food waste through a well established closed loop system.


Besides the significant efforts which have been put into the preservation of the land during construction, preserving biodiversity resources on the site is an ongoing practice. the below highlights the landscape plan for SBR:

Another important part of the landscaping is the significant efforts undertaken at the resort to deal with mosquito control in a more sustainable manner:

Instead of using the conventional fogging practice,which is a petrochemical derivative that also significantly affects other species, SBR uses 3 alternative treatments more respectful of the other species and ecosystems:

– Spray of an organic solution based on soil bacteria, a process referred to as BTI, which is more targeted at the larval stage of the mosquito’s life cycle;

– Use of the ecosystem as a control mechanism by developing a range of water ponds throughout the site. These ponds provide habitats for a variety of species which are considered natural predators of mosquito’s (fish, dragonflies, lizards…)

– Another spray based on an enzyme solution. A very effective process but costly. For this reason we only apply this process for particular locations on special events to be extra sure.


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