Your Involvement

Learn more about how you can be involved in our sustainability efforts


As a guest at Siloso Beach Resort, there are many ways that you can be involved in our sustainability efforts:

The resort management has put in significant efforts to keep the natural habitats intact, and we need our guests involvement to help keep it that way. Most importantly is to not leave out leftover food, as this may attract ants an other pests into the rooms. We also do not encourage feeding of animals (even the really cute ones) as the wrong food could make them sick, and any human food disrupts their natural feeding habits. If you have small children, please discourage them from chasing the animals (especially the peacocks or large monitor lizards), which is for their own safety.

Some tips for saving energy during your stay include using the natural lighting (which is why we have such large windows), remembering to remove your keycard when leaving the room to automatically turn off the electricity, and keeping your door closed as much as possible to save on air-conditioning usage.

Long hot showers are nice, but our hot water spa pool is even better! Try it out, and you will also be saving water at the same time (our pool uses spring water, whereas the showers are using the public water supply).

We also would recommend re-using your towels by hanging them up in the bathroom. When you want the towels changed, then just leave them on the floor.

Although we do provide bottled water to our guests, we encourage you to use the tap water to reduce plastic wastage. The tap water in Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest in the world, and is actually healthier than bottled water (studies have found micro-plastic particles are in almost all bottled water brands).

If you have recyclable items, please keep them separate from any wet waste or food. Our housekeeping will do the recycling for you when they clean your room. Alternatively, we do have recycling bins located at level 5 near our poolside.

We provide opportunities to learn more about our environmental sustainability, including an Eco Tour available for guests on Mon – Sat morning (please enquire with reception for more details). For those unable to attend the tour, educational panels are for viewing just outside our reception area.

One way you can support our efforts is to connect with our social media accounts Facebook  , Twitter  or  Instagram which will keep you updated on any latest events or new initiatives.